Where to buy smart portable Projectors in Australia?

Projectors have been seen around us for decades; most of us remember its usage in classrooms or office meetings for presentations and events. With advancement of technology projectors have evolved into a portable and pocket-friendly gadget to entertain and educate us starting from our home to business to other creative industries. So, probably if you are checking out where to purchase or buy smart portable projectors in Australia, you are in the right place. Along with retail shops selling projectors there are also online shops budding throughout Australia helping the busy customers to help them look for the specific product they need and deliver it on their door step on the right time. Here is a complete guide to purchase in projectors Australia suiting your needs.

  1. Look out for the brands:

When you have decided to buy a projector it is important to know about the brands of retail or online shop is specialized. The brand they offer should be well-known and exceptional. Don’t fell in prey to cheap projector advertisements when you need longevity. For instance, Coodoo Home, an online shopping store in Australia comprises only two smart portable projectors (XGIMI and JMGO) and their native accessories.

  1. XGIMI:

With decades in projector market, XGIMI branded projectors are designed with high-clarity image quality with theater-quality sound. Most of the XGIMI portable projectors like XGIMI Horizon and XGIMI Halo had won best tested review awards for movies.

  1. JMGO:

 With more than ten years in projectors market, JMGO branded projectors has its own fame for good sound and styles they offer for the price point and is ideal adding punch in complete darkness and in low light situations as well.

  1. Check out the customer reviews:

Once you have decided to go with a particular shop to purchase smart portable projectors, then it is important to check out the customer reviews on their website for the brands they offer. To illustrate, checking out Coodoo Home, the page offers lots of customer reviews about XGIMI and JMGO smart portable projectors they have purchased from the online store.

  1. Availability & Customer support:

Always know the availability of the shop and they way they take up your orders, the way they respond to you and deliver the products you ordered on time. For example, Coodoo Home is available to its customers all days in a week from 8:30 am - 10:30 pm and they instantly respond to your orders and the orders will be processed and dispatched within 1 to 3 business days and you receive your order confirmation through mail along with shipping information to track the status of your order.

  1. Policies they involved:

A good retailer should follow some policies like exchanges, refunds for the products they sell to its customers. This ensures the customers a breath of relief when they are not satisfied with a product they purchase they can opt for the retailer to have some other better product from same or different brands. Coodoo Home, offers a refund policy and exchange policy for the customers with a timeline of 14 days.


If you are looking out to buy XGIMI and JMGO branded projectors we strongly recommend you to visit Coodoo Home. Fill your cart with smart portable projectors which will excite you always.