What is a Smart Projector? And Why Do You Need One?

A smart projector is a compact, portable device combining the latest display technologies with smart integrated functionality. Just like conventional projector, a smart projector takes the input as audio or video signals possessing the capability to connect to the internet. The smart portable projectors can be connected to mobile phones, home networks for an extremely seamless amazing viewing experience.

Smart projectors make life easier in multiple ways – it is an excellent choice for outdoor parties, to stream straight from your phone, consistent display brightness rather than dimming over time. Smart projectors can do everything as your smart TV does on a much bigger screen. These projectors are defined by its portable design, lamp-free technology, voice control, app integration, and streaming functionality.

More than having a built-in computer, a smart projector is defined for its portable, compact size, lamp-free technology, integrated functionality in the build system, voice control along with streaming functionality features. So, while looking to buy a best smart projector from it is crucial to look for the most appropriate mix of features, which include:

Portable compact design

Today, projectors have achieved the smallest form factors weighing as little as a pound which fits in your pockets. Although home entertainment projectors are big sized, it is still available in portable designs. 

LED Source Light

LED smart projectors come with latest DLP projector technology, providing much longer lifespan with better investment. 

Conventional bulb projectors dim over time, but the smart projectors remain bright up to 30,000 hours. Second-generation LED projectors use red, green and double blue light sources for increased color saturation and luminosity.


High-end projectors call themselves as “True 4K” projectors, meaning 4K and smart LED projectors rather than 4K: UHD, native 3840x2160 with 8.3 million pixels. 4K: UHD, native 3840x2160 with 8.3 million pixels. Smart projectors deliver low cost per inch without compromising on picture clarity.


Lumen measures the light output from the projector. Smart projectors use LED light sources and are mentioned as LED lumens. The brighter the room, the more lumens will be needed. Dark rooms need fewer lumens, fostering you to focus more on various other specifications.

App Store

Smart projectors eliminate the need of additional streaming devices for entertaining you, as they come with app store integration.

Voice Control

Apart from an integrated app store, a versatile projector also has the voice control feature which doesn’t require any remote. Just turn your projector on or off by asking for Google or Alexa itself.

Short Throw

As smart projectors offer a better option known as short throw, there is no need to mount the projector to the ceiling. The ultra-short-throw technology allows you to place your projector flush against the wall you are projecting. 

Autofocus & Auto Keystone

This smart and innovative feature rotates the lens to sharpen image and keeps your viewing angle optimal.

Screen Mirroring

This feature casts the mobile phone screen onto a big screen.


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