Things to know when buying a projector

Thinking to buy a projector? Although there is wide variety of projectors available these days, there are certain technicalities you may need to understand before buying them. Coodoo Home, offering best range of XGIMI, JMGO Projectors in Australia put together list of aspects to think about when choosing a projector.

  1. Projection size:

Projection size is one of the important aspects to look in at. Projection size is usually measured diagonally with the distance you are planning to place your projector. This is usually a simple calculation to understand which you can measure up using throw distance calculator.

  1. Color technology:

 For this you must know the difference between DLP (Digital Light Processing projectors); LED (Light Emitting Diode) and LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) projector. The DLP projectors have tiny microscopic mirrors with a spinning color wheel delivering sharp images. LCD display projector has no moving parts providing saturation and lower noise. LED display projector uses tiny LED’s delivering better colors with lower power consumption.

  1. Resolution:

Resolution of a projector determines the clarity of images it produces. Images are generally made of tiny dots known as pixels. The more pixels represent better quality of images it produces. 1920 X 1080 pixels are usually considered full HD and 3840 X 2160 pixels are referred as true 4K. A 4K resolution home theatre creates clear and detailed images and is value for money.

  1. Light output & brightness:

The light output and brightness of a projector is measures by the ANSI Lumens. Depending on where you use the projectors and the light source, the projector can be purchased. For instance, you will need a projector with above 2000 lumens for a dark location; whereas you will need 3000 lumens projector for lighter environments.

  1. Input source – Connectivity:

To display games, movies or any other digital images you need to connect your projector to a third source like mobile phones, laptops, game console and so on. For this you should purchase a projector with universal connectivity HDMI’s, AV controls for gaming consoles, streaming devices, Blu-ray players for 4k connectivity satisfying HDR effects and so on.

  1. Wall or screen projection:

Professionally, a projector is designed to display on a screen for a smooth projection with high reflectance even in a bright room. However, you can also use projectors to be displayed on wall which is smooth and painted white.

Other things to be considered:

If you are planning to use projector indoors, know the size of room you will be projecting. With technologies like short throw technology, lens shift functions and key stone correction you can adjust the image depending wall angle and projector location.

Also, know the purpose you have planned to purchase the projector for example to watch movies, to play games, to watch live streaming and so on. Whatever the reason may be, shop and buy projectors which suits your needs and requirements.

Wrapping up:

Buy projectors suiting your requirement from ‘Coodoo Home’ offering best quality XGIMI, JMGO Projectors in Australia.