Exciting things to do with JMGO projectors

When I utter the word ‘projector’, Watching movies, playing games and conducting business meetings on a massive screen; are the common things that strike our mind. Isn’t it right?

But, ‘Coodoo Home’ specializing in JMGO and XGIMI projectors joins you to discuss the awesomeness and the exciting things you can do with projectors.

  1. Musical Laser Light Show:

Take your indoor and outdoor parties to the next level with a projector and laptop. With high lumen projectors like JMGO, you can create eye-catching laser light beams similar to one which you might have seen on rock concerts.

  1. Drawing murals:

As a family you can engage your kids, teens and adults by projecting big drawings (in black and white color) on walls- tracing the path on a large screen results in huge drawing. Create your own time lapse video on your mural creation and share it on social media. This painting needs no experience or talent to do.

  1. Seasonal clips:

 Any seasonal festivals, like Halloween or Christmas, use a projector to create a digital decoration on your wall. A DVD player with pre-recorded scenes helps you to project videos on the screen. Adding and decorating your walls with funny or scary Ghosts, a Christmas tree can add fun and joy to your home.

  1. Home Planetarium:

Home planetarium is a great way to engage your kids with astrology. With the use of apps in JMGO projectors like Celestia and Stellarium, you can project a real image of the sky and let your kids understand the stars, planets, and galaxies. Celestia gives a feel of flying through the sky; meanwhile Stellarium gives you an impression of looking through a telescope.

This technique is widely used in museums and planetariums. Surprise your kids with planetarium effects by easily connecting your projector with its built-in applications.

  1. Watching Recipes:

Take your cooking experience to the next level by projecting a JMGO projector in the kitchen. With mobile phones it may be difficult to stock up the entire pantry and to follow the instructions one by one. But, cooking can be made easy while watching the recipes while cooking new dishes.

  1. Studying in Group:

A productive way to bring out more studies is to form a study group. A JMGO projector projecting study materials can bring a group of students on a single page and make them think about various solutions for a single problem. Projecting Zoom and Skype calls on a big screen makes it easier to watch the attendees and activities properly.

  1. Fun at Pool Party:

Nothing can be more joyful than attending a pool party on a holiday. JMGO projector can be used to watch movies, to project sunset views, to project images of cute fish and whales adds fun to the pool party. Adding few relaxing soundtracks along with projection images makes you feel relaxed.

Final words:

Projectors like JMGO are compact and portable to any location featuring a wide range of connectivity options. Start purchasing your type projectors from ‘Coodoo Home’ to amplify your imagination and benefit yourself and others with these exciting uses of a projector.